Peter Halemane

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A life lived in line with a call of God.  Born to humble peasants from a remote village in Bellavia District, Karnataka, India.  Received early education at a local Christian Institution and the High School and the training from Lowry Memory High School.  College Education from Karnataka University, Dharwad.  God intended that Peter should fulfill His desire along with others in extending His kingdom.  So God planned for Peter to have higher education from Andrews University, Pune.  The career began at colporteur then online of duty changed to Preacher, Teacher, Pastor, Director of Section, Region and President of Section and Conference for 3 terms. 

Now, at Division assisting the Secretariat.  God has used Peter as an effective and useful instrument.  Many people have come to light of salvation, scores of children received Adventist Education, Youth have been trained and employed in an Adventist organization, Glory to God.

The present responsibility covers workers to Service Records, Statistics, IMEWS, Annual Reports, Directory.

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