Health Ministries

Health Ministries

Health is the gracious gift of God, and is preserved best by choosing the most healthful lifestyle possible, empowered by the Grace of God. We invite you to explore and learn more on these pages.

Health Ministries Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote the ministry of health and healing.  The Health Ministries department seeks to accomplish its mission by working with the Union, Conferences and Attached Territories throughout this division and the GC to:

  • Develop a strong worldwide system of health care institution to alleviate sickness and suffering of humankind.

  • Promote physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellness of the whole person

  • Advocate healthful lifestyle in line with the Biblical principles.

  • Establish HIV and AIDS education, prevention, care and support programs.

  • Prevent the harmful effects caused to our bodies by alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse or debasing drugs.

  • Facilitate spiritual counseling and guidance to the rehabilitation centers.

  • Provide leadership and training for the blended ministries and comprehensive health ministry initiatives.

The fundamental mission of the Health Ministries Department is to lead people to recognize the giver of life and health, Jesus Christ.


July 04, 2016

Bleeding from the nose is a common emergency. A nosebleed can occur following a blow to the nose, or from picking it. For a child, always check whether there is a foreign body present, for example, a beans or peas. If this has occurred, seek quick medical advice and DO NOT try to remove the object yourself.

1. Stop the Bleeding

➢    Have the person sit up straight and lean forward slightly. Make him breathe through the mouth.

➢    With thumb and index finger, firmly pinch the nose just below the bone up against the face.

➢    Apply pressure for 5 – 10 minutes. Time yourself with a clock.

➢    If bleeding continues after 5 minutes, repeat the process.

➢    Apply an ice pack to the nose and cheeks. Cold will constrict the blood vessels and help stop the bleeding.

➢      Most nosebleeds will stop after 10 to 20 minutes of direct pressure.

 Do not blow your nose or put anything else inside your nose for at least 12 hours after the bleeding has stopped.

Rest quietly for a few hours.

2. Call a doctor immediately if:

➢    The bleeding nose doesn’t stop after 20 minutes of first aid.

➢    There is so much bleeding that it is hard to breathe.

➢    The person is taking medicine,  such as warfarin, or has a bleeding disorder.

➢    The bleeding nose occurred after severe head injuries or a blow to the face.

3. Follow up:

➢    The person should avoid strenuous activity:  bending over, and blowing, or rubbing, or picking the nose until it heals.

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