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Blasious Ruguri was born and raised in the beautiful country of Kenya. As a young person, he enjoyed spending time in church and preaching the good news of the Adventist message. He was called to Pastoral Ministry in 1982 and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry August 16, 1986.

Ruguri’s outstanding leadership qualities were evident early in his ministerial calling when just about a year after he began working as pastor, he was called to serve as the Education and Youth Director of the Central Kenya Mission Field, a responsibility he held till 1985.

He was called again to serve as the Youth Director of the East African Union where he worked faithfully from 1985 to 1989. Subsequently, the Adventist church in the East Africa Union called him to serve as the Stewardship Director for the Union in 1991. Four years later, the Eastern African Division asked him to serve as their Stewardship Director and in 1995, he was elected as the Executive Secretary of the Division.

After 15 years of distinguished service in Secretariat, in 2010, Dr. Blasious Ruguri was elected to serve as the President of the denominations East-Central Africa Division and entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the work of the Adventist church in eleven countries in Eastern and Central Africa.

Ruguri has earned several professional degrees. He graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree from Bugema University in Kampala, Uganda in 1981. He earned a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry of Andrews University, Michigan, USA, in 1991. In March 2015, he graduated with a Doctor of Ministry degree in Global Mission Leadership also of Andrews University, Michigan, USA.

Pr. Ruguri is married to Elizabeth and have three children Limuel, Naomi and Juliet and two grandchildren.

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